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Endocavity biopsy

Five Tips for a Safe Endocavity Biopsy

Five Tips for a Safe Endocavity Biopsy An endocavity biopsy can be of two types: transrectal (prostate biopsy) and transvaginal (ovarian biopsy). When performing either of these procedures, you are dealing with vital organs in a sterile environment (as your needle will be in contact with multiple body fluids including blood). Hence the five tips to make sure your patient is safe during and after the biopsy. Use Sterile Gel We’ve covered this topic already here, but using sterile gel for endocavity [...]

Needle guide for prostate biopsies

The Benefits of a Needle Guide for Prostate Biopsies

The benefits of a needle guide for prostate biopsies When it comes to performing prostate biopsies, the needle guide is a crucial tool to successfully reach your target. This small device that snaps on your endocavity transducer will keep your needle in a straight line, right into the lesion. Let’s talk about the benefits of needle guides. Fewer biopsy-related complications A needle guide allows for fewer attempts to reach a lesion. As a result, it is less traumatic for the patient and can [...]

sterile ultrasound gel

Sterile Ultrasound Gel: When & How?

Sterile Ultrasound Gel: When to Use It? How to Use It? Ultrasound gels come in different colors – clear, blue or pink – and shapes – dispenser bottle, single-use packet – that clinicians can to choose from for their exams. However, when it comes to infection control, only one question matters: non-sterile or sterile ultrasound gel? As you know, EDM Medical Solutions is all about infection control. So, in addition to probe covers and disinfection, let’s see how your choice of ultrasound [...]

Siemens Acuson Juniper
Acuson Juniper Ultrasound Machine

Siemens Releases Its New Ultrasound: The Acuson Juniper

Siemens announced today the release of its new ultrasound machine: the Acuson Juniper. The Juniper, tailored for a wide variety of application, is said to be 27% lighter and 36% smaller than competing products. It is aimed at conventional & interventional radiology, urology, cardiovascular, orthopedic and OBGYN as it’s made to be rolled all over the hospital and stored in the smallest corners. The Acuson juniper features five transducer ports for even more versatility, and a 13.3″ touchscreen for fast [...]

Infection Control: The Low-Level Disinfection

Infection Control: The Low-Level Disinfection The Spaulding classification: what type of disinfection should you perform? According to the Spaulding Classification, medical devices and instruments can be classified into three categories. The category determines if one must perform a high or low-level disinfection; or even a sterilization. Non-critical devices Semi-critical devices Critical devices Non-Critical Instruments in contact with intact skin ONLY Stethoscopes, general purpose ultrasound transducers & cables, or blood pressure cuffs Low-level disinfection Semi-Critical Instruments in contact with either non-intact skin or a mucous membrane Endoscopes, endocavity ultrasonic probes and vagina specula (reusable [...]

Safe Ultrasound Exam

5 Tips for a Safe Transvaginal Ultrasound Exam

5 Tips for a Safe Transvaginal Ultrasound Exam A transvaginal ultrasound exam is a common procedure performed thousands of times every day in the United States. A TVUS (transvaginal ultrasound) may be required for many applications such as pregnancy monitoring, fertility treatment, routine screenings or diagnosis. Today we’ll review five tips to keep your endovaginal exams safe and comfortable for your patients. We will be talking about regular scans that do not involve invasive acts (invasive acts: biopsies, aspirations or [...]