Ultrasound cover and gloves set up
Telescopic fold ultrasound cover

Ultrasound Cover: How to install it?

Ultrasound Cover: How to install it? At EDM Medical Solutions, we’re all about infection control. In this article, we will review the good practices when putting on a sterile ultrasound cover. General purpose covers are required when performing ultrasound-guided procedures. They include regional anesthesia, catheter placement, core tissue biopsies (breast, liver kidney) or other radiology interventions (drainages, aspirations). Of course, these operations are done in a sterile environment. Hence, the need for a sterile cover is obvious, but the setup [...]

Infection Control: The Low-Level Disinfection

Infection Control: The Low-Level Disinfection The Spaulding classification: what type of disinfection should you perform? According to the Spaulding Classification, medical devices and instruments can be classified into three categories. The category determines if one must perform a high or low-level disinfection; or even a sterilization. Non-critical devices Semi-critical devices Critical devices Non-Critical Instruments in contact with intact skin ONLY Stethoscopes, general purpose ultrasound transducers & cables, or blood pressure cuffs Low-level disinfection Semi-Critical Instruments in contact with either non-intact skin or a mucous membrane Endoscopes, endocavity ultrasonic probes and vagina specula (reusable [...]

Safe Ultrasound Exam

5 Tips for a Safe Transvaginal Ultrasound Exam

5 Tips for a Safe Transvaginal Ultrasound Exam A transvaginal ultrasound exam is a common procedure performed thousands of times every day in the United States. A TVUS (transvaginal ultrasound) may be required for many applications such as pregnancy monitoring, fertility treatment, routine screenings or diagnosis. Today we’ll review five tips to keep your endovaginal exams safe and comfortable for your patients. We will be talking about regular scans that do not involve invasive acts (invasive acts: biopsies, aspirations or [...]