Surgical Probe Covers

Intraoperative Probe Covers

Maintain the sterility of the operating room with surgical probe covers. Our sterile intraoperative probe covers prevent cross-contamination and the transmission of healthcare-acquired infections when ultrasound is performed in an OR setting. EDM Medical Solutions has a wide range of options in its product portfolio, so you can confidently select the cover that best suits your hospital or private practice.

Our line of intraoperative probe covers includes two latex-free options (polyurethane or polyethylene) and all are 96” in length to effectively protect patients, equipment and staff members in all possible OR configurations.

The EDM promise

At EDM Medical Solutions, we do not compromise on the quality of the supplies. From surgical probe covers to  storage and general purpose ultrasound covers, you can trust in our discerning eye for reliability. Get in touch with us today to discuss your clinic or hospital’s unique needs, and find out more about the solutions we can offer.