Back-Relief Apron – Front Protection

Back-Relief Apron – Front Protection


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Procedure type: Interventional radiology, Fluoroscopy, Cath lab

Protection type: Front 

Lead equivalence: 0.50 and 0.35 mm Pb

Closure type: Buckle

Core Material Options: Lead, Ultralite Lead, Lead-Free, Premier, Bilayer

Included Options: Thyroid Collar, Embroidery, Pocket, Print fabrics

Included Add-ons: Backstrap (velcro strap) to secure the shoulder areas to one another, preventing the apron to slip off

Custom Add-ons: Axillary Wings to cover breast area for female users, Sleeves

Back-Relief Apron – Front Radiation Protection

Our back-relief aprons allow surgical and imaging staff to work comfortably without reducing the amount of x-ray protection. Rather than having all of the weight on the practitioner’s shoulder, the radiation protection apron sends the weight to the hips utilizing a back-relief belt. The back-relief apron also features a unique padded belt system that is made with a bonded elasticized panel that will not lose its shape over time. These back-relief aprons are designed to last and will offer physicians and medical workers increased comfort during procedures. 

EDM’s back relief aprons offer front protection against radiation. In addition, they come with a thyroid collar, adjustable buckle, and a pocket. The pocket included on the apron is especially useful for holding the clinician’s dosimeter. 

High-quality back-relief aprons 

EDM’s back-relief aprons can be customized: core material, but also lead equivalence, sizing, and colors. 

Made with medical and surgical staff in mind, our back relief aprons come in a wide array of colors. We also offer other useful features such as custom embroidery and pockets. These additions allow for doctors and staff to further customize their aprons and makes it easier to differentiate them, especially in larger facilities, such as hospitals which have multiple departments.

Configuration options are unlimited. If you can’t find your desired apron on our website, please contact us.

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