Epson PP-100 Disc Producer


Epson PP-100

Ideal for CD, DVD, or Blu-ray® disc production

Reliable, low cost of ownership

Network capable option

MicroPiezo® inkjet technology and six ink cartridges

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Epson PP-100 disc producer

The Epson PP-100 disc producer is an ideal choice for medical DVD, CD, or Blu-ray® disc production and printing. This disc producer is an excellent choice for medical practices and hospitals seeking high-quality printing. The Epson PP-100 is reliable and has a low cost of ownership; therefore, it won’t reduce the efficiency of your medical staff’s workflow or result in high operational costs. We also offer the network capable variation, PP-100N, which makes it easy for medical staff to connect the disc producer to a local network.


The Epson PP-100 has been built with Epson’s world-renowned robotic and printing technologies. Thus, the disc producer offers users easy, unattended production of various types of discs – all in one device. It is ideal for burning discs with images and videos from ultrasound imaging, such as baby ultrasound. Moreover, the Epson PP-100 is a great fit for burning discs with x-ray images. It  is also compact which is a great feature for medical practices looking to save space, such as clinics or hospitals. The Epson PP-100 also comes with Epson’s patented MicroPiezo® inkjet technology and six individual ink cartridges. This allows the Epson PP-100 to deliver crisp text and rich graphics that are ideal for use in healthcare. Furthermore, the disc producer comes with ink sensors, AcuGrip® technology, and replaceable waste tank, which make it easy to operate and maintain.

We also offer the following top-quality ink cartridges for your PP-100:

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Light Cyan
  • Light Magenta
  • Magenta

In addition, EDM offers CD-R discs for the PP-100.

  • Ideal choice for CD, DVD, or Blu-ray® production and printing
  • Reliable, low cost of ownership
  • Network capable option
  • MicroPiezo® inkjet technology and six individual ink cartridges
  • AcuGrip® technology allows for production to be left unattended

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