HSG Catheters with Balloon

HSG Catheters with Balloon


HSG Catheters with Ballon

For hysterosalpingography & sonohysterography

Sterile, single use

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HSG Catheters for hysterosalpingography & sonohysterography

The HSG catheters are suitable for hysterosalpingography and sonohysterography procedures. They can be used with any contrast media as well as saline-based solutions to detect uterine pathologies such as polyps, fibroids, endometrial thickening or patency of fallopian tubes.

The inflatable balloon guarantees a seamless insertion for enhanced patient comfort. It also allows for the best liquid retention in the category, resulting in an unprecedented patient and staff experience. The clamp will make sure the contrast solution stays in place throughout the procedure. The catheters come standard with an insertion sheath and an injection syringe (1.5cc for the 5F and 3cc for the 7F). The included syringe is for inflating the balloon. Finally, the catheter is equipped with a Luer hub for contrast material injection.

The HSG catheters are latex-free and therefore suitable for both office and hospital use. Hysterosalpingography catheters come in 5 and 7 French:

  • 203.0001: 5 Fr – 61-5005
  • 203.0002: 7 Fr – 61-5007

Catheters come in a box of 10. They are compatible with the Femina lubricating gel

Made in the USA

Sterile, single-use

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