IUD Insertion Kit By MedGyn

IUD Insertion Kit By MedGyn


IUD Insertion Kit

Sterile, single use


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IUD Insertion Kit

The IUD kit by Medgyn contains all the necessary instruments for insertion and removal of intrauterine devices. Each kit includes:

  • One Cheron forceps. They are used to hold swabs or dressing during the procedure
  • One Pozzi forceps to grasp the cervix and facilitate the insertion of the IUD
  • One uterine sound with centimeter gradation
  • One Long Littaur Scissors

All the instruments (except for the scissors) are latex-free plastic, which is less traumatic for the patient, especially the forceps. The IUD insertion kit is universal and is suitable for all types and brands of intrauterine devices.

IUD kits come in a box of 5. They are sterile and single-use, and therefore eliminates the extra time and cost to reprocess the equipment after each patient. This will also help your infection control efforts.

Finally, we recommend using a vaginal speculum and the Femina lubricant to facilitate the IUD insertion procedure.

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