Latex-Free Endocavity Probe Covers


Endocavity ultrasound probe cover

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Latex-Free Endocavity Probe Covers

Latex-free endocavity probe covers are ideal for transvaginal and transrectal ultrasound examinations. Made of PIP (polyisoprene), the covers will accommodate allergic patients or staff-members without compromising on on safety. PIP is similar to latex in terms of texture and elasticity, which also makes it safe for interventional exams.

These endocavity covers will prevent cross-contamination: it protects your patients from infections and protects your equipment from soil and contaminants.

The covers are rolled and individually packed for a quicker setup

The latex-free endocavity covers are available sterile or non-sterile, however, they do not replace proper disinfection. These transducer covers do not come with ultrasound gel.


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