Maternity Radiation Apron – Full Protection

Maternity Radiation Apron – Full Protection


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Procedure type: Protects pregnant women from X-ray radiation

Protection type: Full

Customization options: Color, embroidery, pockets

Lead equivalence: 0.50 mm Pb (Front) and 0.25 mm Pb (back)

Closure type: Tie & buckle

Core Material Options: Lead-Free, Premier, Bilayer

Included Options: Thyroid Collar, Embroidery, Pocket, Print fabrics

Included Add-ons: NA

Custom Add-ons: NA

Maternity Radiation Apron – Full Protection

EDM understands the importance of radiation protection during a pregnancy, which is why the maternity apron is designed to comfortably fit a wide variety of sizes and provide maximum safety for the practitioner and child. Our maternity radiation apron provides that extra material for proper, full shielding against any harmful rays. Larger than a standard protection apron, this versatile option provides enough adjustability and apron to cover the belly area at any development stage of the pregnancy. The apron is secured with standard velcro closures, ties, and a buckle to make it easy to adjust and take off. It includes an additional .50 mm lead equivalence half apron, thereby providing a total of 1.00 mm Pb protection over the lower extremities and abdominal area. As it is the heaviest options of the three lead options, this thickness provides full coverage of protection and reduces 97% of radiation during procedures. 

For proper care and storage of this apron, it is recommended to hang the apron on a heavy-duty hanger. To transport this shielding gear to another location, the maternity apron should be rolled or folded delicately into a container. For a long-lasting and effective maternity apron, it is important to disinfect the apron with approved disinfectants only and properly hold and store the product without causing any damage to the inner material. 

We offer a broad range of customization options, such as color and embroidery. If you can’t find your desired radiation protection apron on our website, please contact us.

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