Microtek Sterile Latex-Free Probe Covers


Microtek ultrasound probe covers
Latex-free – High-quality polyethylene
Sterile, single-use

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Microtek Sterile Latex-Free Probe Covers

The Microtek sterile latex-free probe covers are ideal for medical practices seeking to protect their ultrasound transducer.  These probe covers are made of high-quality, soft-touch polyethylene material. Since the covers are latex-free, there is no risk of reaction from a patient or medical staff member with a latex allergy.

Microtek probe covers are able to significantly reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections. As they are sterile and single-use, they can be used in high-risk settings where infection prevention is vital, such as operating rooms. Probe covers also protect your equipment from being damaged by blood, soil, and other contaminants. Thus, they make the ultrasound transducer easier to clean and maintain. The use of probe covers also provides a way to extend the machine’s lifetime. In addition, the material of the Microtek probe covers is elastic and strong and will not tear easily. The durability of the material reduces the risk of a tear and, subsequently, contamination. These covers are easy to install and remove as well. They can be installed by either one or two people while preserving the sterile environment. This is an important step as a simple removal also reduces the risk of infection.

The Microtek sterile latex-free probe covers come in three different configurations:

  • 6” x 72” probe cover
  • 5” x 48” probe cover w/ gel
  • 5” x 24” probe cover w/ gel

Ultrasound probe covers are single-use and disposable. They do not replace proper ultrasound transducer disinfection. In addition to the Microtek probe covers, we also recommend the Parker transeptic cleansing spray and the Sono ultrasound disinfecting wipes. For more information on how to properly disinfect your transducer, please refer to the CDC disinfection guidelines.


  • General purpose ultrasound probe cover
  • Latex-free, high-quality polyethylene
  • Sterile, single-use

Manufacturer: Microtek

SKU: 101.0030 – Manufacturer Part Number: #3827EU

SKU: 101.0031 – Manufacturer Part Number: #PC1290

SKU: 101.0032 – Manufacturer Part Number: #PC1291

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