Safersonic Probe Covers


Safersonic ultrasound probe cover

Pre-gelled adhesive sheathes
Telescopically folded
Latex-free – High-quality polyethylene
Sterile, single use

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Safersonic Probe Covers

The Safersonic probe covers are latex-free sheathes intended for all procedures where the ultrasound transducer is deemed critical or semi-critical. It includes intraoperative ultrasounds, US-guided nerve blocks, injection, FNAs, biopsies, and other critical procedures.

The specificity of the Safersonic covers is their adhesive membrane. The lens-facing part (which is 3D) features a layer ultrasonic conductive gel. Whether you use a 1 or 2-person technique for installing the cover, all you have to do is peel out the protection, and secure the adhesive against the probe. As a result, the Safersonic ultrasound cover allows for a bubble-free and wrinkle-free scanning-face. This will eliminate all the artifacts caused by running ultrasound gel or moving cover. The installation of the Safersonic pregelled covers is safe and extremely fast.

Setting up the Safersonic cover using the 1-person technique:

Installing the Safersonic with a 2-person technique:


Another great advantage of the Safersonic probe cover is how easy it is to remove it after the examination. You simply invert the sheath over the transducer and the adhesive will smoothly come off, leaving no glue or gel remnants. This is especially important when the practitioner needs to visually inspect the probe for cleaning. The absence of soil on the lens or the probe will also ensure a better disinfection since nothing can potentially interfere with the chemicals.

In addition, this pregelled cover uses high-resistance polyethylene, and can therefore be used in all environments, including latex-free departments or facilities.

Also, this adhesive probe cover is sterile and individually wrapped. It means that the pre-gelled portion is also sterile, eliminating the risks of cross-contamination through the ultrasound gel. They are telescopic for more convenience and ease of use.

The Safersonic probe covers come in a box of 50 units (including an adhesive tape for securing the cover to the handle). Also, they are available in 3 sizes:

  • 12″ (30 cm)
  • 47″ (120 cm)
  • 98″ (250 cm)

Diameter is 7 inches (18 cm)

Finally, the Safersonic covers are FDA-approved and made in Austria.

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