SlimFit Ultrasound Cover – Endocavity PullUp


Endocavity ultrasound probe cover Slim Fit™
Pull-Up™ insert – telescopically folded
Single-use, sterile or non-sterile versions
Made in the USA

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Meet the Most Advanced Endocavity Probe Cover: the SlimFit

The new SlimFit ultrasound cover is a sterile or non-sterile endocavity sheath that will protect your transducer while reducing the risks of cross-contamination.

Efficacy or Ease of Use? With the SlimFit Ultrasound Cover, You Get Both!

If you need the snug fit of a conventional endocavity cover, with the ease of installation of a General Purpose cover, the SlimFit is for you.

It’s in the name: SlimFit PullUp

  • SlimFit: you make sure that the cover sticks to the probe, making your screening safe and comfortable for the patient. Indeed, The slim and tapered end ensures an excellent fit with a 4′ tapered to 1.25″ measurement
  • PullUp: Seamless application of the cover over the transducer, thanks to the convenient insert.

Plus, the SlimFit is quite easy to pull out compared to classic endocavity covers. Therefore, this also helps to decrease the risks of contaminating the probe after an exam.

The SlimFit Ultrasound Cover is made of latex-free Soft material. While incredibly resistant it’s also smooth and comfortable for all type of transvaginal (TVUS) or transrectal (TRUS) exams. As a result, we recommend this cover for the following procedures: Ovarian biopsies, transvaginal aspirations/drainage, and prostate biopsies.

Also, Each box contains 24 procedure kits, and each kit includes a Parker sterile gel packet (20mL) and two elastic bands.

Finally, we are glad to announce that the SlimFit probe cover is now available with most of our endocavity needle guides.

Transducer covers DO NOT replace a proper disinfection.

Made in the USA. Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide (ETO)

Manufacturer: Protek Medical Products

SKU: 102.0010 – Manufacturer Part Number: #2512

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 7 in


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