Telescopic Ultrasound Cover


General purpose ultrasound probe cover
Telescopically folded
sterile, single use
Made in the USA

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Telescopic Ultrasound Cover

The telescopic ultrasound cover allows for a quick and seamless application of the cover over the ultrasound transducer. Telescopic folding suits both 1-person and 2-person setup protocols, and will help you save time before and after each procedure

It also reduces the risk of mishandling the cover or transducer: your sterile environment stays safe
This ultrasound cover will keep your equipment from being soiled by body fluids or contaminants. No soil means faster cleaning and more effective disinfection. It also represents an active barrier against cross-contamination: keep the bugs away from your transducer!

No Latex, No Problem

Besides, the telescopically-folded probe covers are available in two non-latex materials: the Soft Covers and the Clear Covers.

The Soft Covers are the best alternative to latex: they are comfortable for patients, and also emulate the properties of human tissue for high-quality scanning. As a result, it is very popular for interventional procedures: biopsy, drainage, vascular access or anesthesia. Soft covers are tear-resistant and highly stretchable

The Clear covers use medical-grade polyethylene. While resistant and reliable, they are also the most cost-effective probe covers. An alternative to the clear material is the latex-free ultrasound probe cover from EDM, in strong polyethylene.

All the telescopic covers feature a 3D end, which means that no seam or seal will ever interfere with the probe’s sensors: scan as if no cover was there!

With a minimum length of 36″ (and up to 58″), we make sure our telescopic probe cover also protects the transducer’s cord and lets you focus on patients.

Each procedure kit includes a Parker Aquasonic 100 sterile gel packet (20mL) and two elastic bands (Except for the 100-cover box that DOES NOT come with gel). Every procedure kit is sterilized using ethylene oxide (ETO)

Proudly made in the USA

Manufacturer: Protek Medical Products

SKU: 101.0005 – Manufacturer Part Number: #2320

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