Velcro Adjustable Apron – Front Protection


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Procedure type: Interventional radiology, Fluoroscopy, Cath lab

Protection type: Front 

Lead equivalence: 0.50 and 0.35 mm Pb

Closure type: Velcro

Core Material Options: Lead, Ultralite Lead, Lead-Free, Premier, Bilayer

Included Options: Thyroid Collar, Embroidery, Pocket, Print fabrics

Included Add-ons: N/A

Custom Add-ons: Axillary Wings to cover breast area for female users, Sleeves

Velcro Adjustable Apron – Front Radiation Protection

The velcro adjustable apron provides mobility and maximum safety for staff during procedures. The wide back straps that cross along the backside ensure a secure fit during movement. This apron features an ergonomic design that emphasizes maneuverability and comfort, thereby making it an ideal option for relieving back strain and fatigue. Even during longer procedures, it will increase user comfort by facilitating ease of use. Its cost-efficient and lightweight design also makes it a great option for secondary staff or parents and guardians who are present in the room during the scan.  To achieve maximum comfort, the back side of the apron includes large straps that cross on the bottom backside to provide extra support while leaving the upper back area free. The waist-hugging velcro closures on the wide straps allows the practitioner to move comfortably during a procedure without the apron or straps moving.  Available in both 0.35 mm and 0.50 mm lead (Pb) equivalence, the velcro adjustable apron can be used for maximum protection and will effectively shield from scatter radiation. 

High-quality options tailored to your needs

With the upmost care and careful usage, the velcro adjustable apron can be used for several years. We offer multiple customization options for this radiation apron. It can be ordered with an extra backstrap, mesh material on the backside, extra material for the armpit area, or extra material for the hip area as well for even more coverage. Additionally, we offer axillary wings for female users as well as snap-on and sewn-on sleeves. With processing and shipping time,  it can be customized and shipped within 2-4 weeks with expedited options available. Contact our team to learn more and find the best fitting option for you and your medical staff. 

Velco Adjustable Apron
Velco Adjustable Apron
Flexback Apron Back
Flexback Apron Back

The Flexback apron is a durable and popular radiation protection option. This apron is uniquely designed to provide extra support for your lower back while still offering full x-ray protection. With excellent core material to block harmful rays, this front protection apron includes stretchable straps which distribute its weight evenly onto the lower half of your back for extra support, thereby eliminating any stress on the shoulders. The crisscross back straps have been specially designed to “flex” the weight of the apron from the shoulders to the hips and is key to providing increased lower back support. Lead time for this apron is between 2-3 weeks post-purchase. Expedited delivery options are available as well.

The Flexback apron has a favorable, secure back system that provides premium comfort for the clinician. The shoulder area is designed with a velcro strap that is closed across the shoulders to prevent any looseness from occurring over time, thus making it useful during extended procedures. This standard fit secures the shoulders and hips for safety throughout long procedures. The Flexback apron should be properly stored on durable apron rack that is able to hold the weight of the apron. The velcro, wide straps must also be securely properly when the apron is hung up, so that they do not get caught on any other material. This cost-efficient radiation protection apron option contains 0.50 Lead (Pb) equivalence. Through its innovative design, the Flexback apron provides consistent shielding from radiation while reducing the impact on the clinician’s back. 

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