Wrap-Around Radiation Apron – Full Protection

Wrap-Around Radiation Apron – Full Protection


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Procedure type: Interventional radiology, Fluoroscopy, Cath lab

Protection type: Full with front overlap

Lead equivalence: 0.50 and 0.35 mm Pb

Closure type: Velcro & Buckles

Core Material Options: Lead, Ultralite Lead, Lead-Free, Premier, Bilayer

Included Options: Thyroid Collar, Embroidery, Pocket, Print fabrics

Included Add-ons: Anti-Slip Fabric, Buckle Set

Custom Add-ons: Axillary Wings to cover breast area for female users, Sleeves

Wrap-Around Radiation Apron – Full Protection

The Wrap-Around Radiation Apron is an easy-to-use, quality solution for medical staff to make sure the back area is not only protected from radiation, but also comfortable to wear. This one-piece apron is long in length, covering past the hip area and is securely buckled along the front. It comes in two options: back relief and full overlap. The back relief option has been designed to increase user comfort and is particularly useful when aprons must be worn for an extended period of time. The full overlap option uses overlapping panels to provide the maximum level of protection and has been designed for easy application and removal.

Wrap Around Back Relief Apron
Wrap Around Back Relief Apron

Wrap Around Radiation Apron – Back Relief 

The back relief apron has been designed to reduce back strain and does so by shifting most of the apron’s weight to the hips. The sides of this apron include velcro seams to improve the user’s mobility. 

The tight, cushioned fit is supported by a 6-inch strap that rests along the backside to help transfer the weight evenly to the hip area. The shoulder area of the apron includes extra cushioning material for increased comfort. The velcro closure of this apron also comes with a buckle to ensure that it remains in place. Proper cleaning and storage is necessary for maintaining the effectiveness of the radiation aprons. Non-aggressive cleaning with a soap or detergent can be used to remove stains as soon as they appear.  

As EDM offers customized sizing for all apron options, this apron can also be customized via color for all areas of the apron including the bindings, exterior, and interior. 

Wrap Around Radiation Apron – Full Overlap 

For a lightweight, full wrap protection, the Wrap-Around Full Overlap radiation apron is easy to use and provides maximum protection. It combines the skirt and vest into one long apron that facilitates easy movement and isn’t a hassle to remove. This option offers either .35 mm or .50 mm pb protection in the front and a single panel of .50 mm on the back. Depending on the core material selected, the apron’s two overlapping panels of .175 mm or .25 mm provide .35 mm or .50 mm  protection in the middle section of the front at the overlap point. This makes the apron lighter than the regular option which comes with two panels of .50 mm. In addition, the shoulder area includes premium extra cushion material for increased comfort. The sides of this apron feature velcro side strips that are accessible to break quickly in case of a need for movement. The velcro closure of this apron also comes with a buckle to ensure that it remains in place. The unique design of the Wrap-Around Full Overlap radiation apron is a one-piece full protection shield that makes it easy to put on, remove, and adjust in any situation. 

Wrap Around Full Overlap Lead Apron
Wrap Around Full Overlap Apron

Wrap Around Radiation Apron – Flexback

The Wrap Around Flexback apron is a great option for those who are looking for both maximum comfort and protection. It combines the design of the flexback apron and the back relief apron. By taking the full protection offered by the flexback and the back support offered by the back relief apron, clinicians using the Wrap Around Flexback can enjoy a high level of full protection while reducing back strain.

Its innovative design features an elastic stretch-back that shifts the weight from your shoulders to your hips. The Flexback eliminates excess overlapping lead and is up to 10% higher than its traditional radiation apron counterparts. Additionally, the tri-tab velcro closures permit for an easy-on, easy-off process.

Configuration options are unlimited. If you can’t find your desired apron on our website, please contact us.

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